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I am working on a very simple site setup.  One head office, one branch, connected with a site to site VPN. 

Networks (HO (BO

Have added the subnets in AD sites and services, have also made sure that a DC is present in both HO and BO. 

I am seeing some anomalies with my sites and services where-by a PC will log in correctly and identify itself as being in the branch office for example and report the correct site name, write the correct entry to DynamicSiteName, yet as soon as I browse to look at shares for example in our HO the DNS query thrown out for the server name that hosts the shares leads the site name to change back to the HO. 

I am not sure and I presume it's not set this way by design, once a client has correctly identified itself as being in the right site for authentication regardless of what your accessing in another site, shouldn't the DynamicSiteName stay the same?

All pointers suggestions greatly welcomed.  From everything I have read about ADSS you don't ever modify the DynamicSiteName key and there shouldn't really be any need ( if your subnets are set correctly ) to modify the SiteName key- ideally I'd like it to just work out of the box so to speak! 

Can provide any info required.  

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July 30th, 2015 7:13am

Think I've identified this now using several technet articles and looking at various traces between servers and clients.  Looks to be that our site to site vpn is presenting the wrong IP address to a queried DC server at our head office and the DC is seeing the incorrect subnet and telling the client the wrong site information. 

Would love any feedback on site to site vpn's and if anyone has encountered a similar problem/issue.  Was beginning to think about possibly using weights on the DNS records but if I don't have to then I'd rather not.

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July 30th, 2015 2:49pm


>>Would love any feedback on site to site vpn's and if anyone has encountered a similar problem/issue

Regarding active directory with Virtual Private Network, the following article can be referred to as reference.

Active Directory with Virtual Private Network and Demand Dial Deployments

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August 4th, 2015 3:36am

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