Site Component Manager Error
Hi All, I am having issues with an SCCM instance and the SQL backup service (well I think that is my problem). Environment: SCCM 2007 R2 Windows 2008 R2 Seperate SQL Server 2005 Symptoms: Message ID 1056 - SMS Site Component Manager could not read the write SMS Server Network Connection account data ...... Issues: The service was installed on G$. Now the biggest trick here is that this was a temporary drive. I have changed the service setup on the SQL box to use C: instead of G: and the service works fine on the SQL box but SCCM still reports the error. How can I change the install so that it uses C: instead? I cannot find any other reference to the install location either in either registery of database. Any help is much appreciated. Mat.
October 25th, 2010 9:11am

Thanks Kent and Eswar. This at least now explains how it got there in the first place but I am still unsure of how to actually fix it as it has already installed there and now I am trying to move it to another drive. Can I just reinstall it with the no_sms and if so, how?
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October 25th, 2010 1:32pm

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