Show only unique (not repeating) values of column in sharepoint list 2013
I have a list with two columns. Column names are Username and Status (options Free and Busy).
Usernames can have both Free and Busy status or only one type Free or Busy.

To make more clear this is example:

    Username     |  Status
    Peter Parker |    Busy
    Peter Parker |    Free
    Hal Jordan    |    Free
    Clark Kent    |    Busy
    Clark Kent    |    Free

Now I need a view to show only Hal Jordan as he is only one with unique status.
I know to do this with two WFs, one comparing usernames (in another list where are just usernames) for each item and then triggering another WF to update hidden column in next item so first WF can check that item next and so on, but it takes a year to complete and it needs to be refreshed on item created/changed.

Do you have any idea how to do this on easy way?
(exp. Like in excel when you can filter columns)

July 31st, 2015 1:17pm

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