Sharepoint online - realtional lists dont show multiple line data types

Hi, Having read through an MS article, I should be able to use multiple line data types when joining 2 lists. I'm not actually joining on the multiple line fields but the id of the list, however when creating the child list as a lookup, the multiple line fields don't appear in the options to display them.

To explain what I have done: create a list "objective". Add a multiple line field called objective. Create a list: review. Add a lookup in the list objectiveid. In the option Get information from, select the objective list. The screen will refresh and display the fields you can display. The objective list ID is selectable, created etc. but the multiple line field that was created called objective isn't.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to see multiple line data types when creating the lookup in the parent or have I missed something?


May 26th, 2015 3:19am

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