Sharepoint form authentication redirect?
Hallo. Configuration: wss 3.0 site (sharepoint.mycompany.som ), windows integrated authentication, accessible from intranet and internet using domain accounts. I extended web application in order to use another authentication provider for non-domain users, using form based authentication (docs.mycompany.som ). I created a subsite for extranet users and is the only that should be accessible from them (docs.mycompany.som/docs ) All working, but... Problem: if I access docs.mycompany.som/docs I'm correctly shown login page, and I enter my subsite, and this is ok. But if I access simply docs.mycompany.som without specifying subsite in url, I'm correctly shown login page, but when I put username and password it tryes to redirect me to MAIN site page, and of course I receive an access denied error. I tried to use "defaulturl" property in web.config for login page, no results. Is there a way to redirect users to their subsite even if they do not put it in URL?
April 27th, 2010 5:43pm

Question, you have extending your web app for a separate zone to then why do you have I mean, can't they login (authenticated and authorized) to and then click or get redirected to ?Kanwal SharePoint Buzz
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April 27th, 2010 6:49pm

Hallo. That is what I would like to obtain, to login on docs.mycompany.som and automatically get redirected to /docs. If I put entire url in browser, including subsite, it's working well. But if I put only docs.mycompany.som, even if form page appears correctly and recognizes username and password, it tries to send me on MAIN (root) site page, and since I denied access to my main page to extranet users, browser gives access denied error. I could let non-domain users view main page, then they could click on their subsite, but I want to avoid it. Looking around I found that adding defaulturl in web.config I should be able to set a redirect link, but it seems to be totally ignored...
April 27th, 2010 6:56pm

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