Sharepoint Reverse Proxy Navigation links
Port 80 : Intranet Web applicationwith Integrated windows Auth and Host Header Port 23456: Extranet Web Application with Ldap Authentication (SiteMinder) and Revere proxy configured to use same URL 1. I have a subsite called ABC at My Q is when I am using LAN network(intranet) everything is fine But when I access Externally "" nothing is showing up Only the Complete URL like "" is working As a result most of my breadcrumbs are not working on External site. 2. I have some custom list forms created Ex: EnterInfo.aspx instead of "Newform.aspx" When I click on New item on list my EnterInfo.aspx is coming when I am on Intranet site(Working as expected) but not on Extranet one. 3. I still see some URL pointing towards "" in External Site My understanding from (1)&(2) is Somehow page redirection is not happening after reverse proxy configured Any Ideas and help is appreciated.....
February 17th, 2010 10:09am

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