Sharepoint 3.0 issue with receiving email
Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue as its been driving me nuts for days. Basically i have a standard installation of sharepoint 3.0 running on my windows server 2008 platform with exchange 2007. I have been trying to set up the email functionality within sharepoint but am having no joy at all. All SMTP services are running however within the sharepoint central admin console when you try to enable incomming mail settings it all starts to go down hill. There is no option to enable Automatic within the "Enable Incomming Email" so its defaulting to "Advanced". I have tried every setting there is to offer from selecting No to SharePoint Directory Management" to settings up Active Directory Containers - nothing seems to work. I wonder is there a way to maybe setup an email account so it can acess the InetPub mailroot dropbox? If anyone has had a simliar experience and has found a workaround i would be most grateful if you could respond - if you need anymore detailed information let me know! Thanks Stephanie
April 27th, 2010 5:07pm

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