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Heya Guys,

So we have recently started using Sharepoint Online (That is packages with the Office 365 Enterprise Package) and it is a bit of a learning curve but things are starting to make sense.

The only difficult thing is that before I had the ability to write custom code, being either PHP, Perl or Python and occasionally C#. So now the background is there, the issue is that I needed a contact us form that emailed a mailbox when it had details entered into it. I found a few templates all looked pretty ugly, so I stumbled across this infopath form creator and with that made a form and added my custom C# into it.

When I went to deploy it I get a get the warning "Administrator-Approved form template (advanced)" which should be to much of an issue. So I save it locally and start googling how to go about approving them form and publishing it onto my sharepoint site. All of the information I have found reference a central administration which I believe is a feature on an on premise sharepoint server. Now finally to the question.

Is this impossible to do with Sharepoint online and if so is there an alternative that I can use and still have the freedom of being able to use code to to what I need?

May 16th, 2015 6:16am

look into the SP2013 app model... it's how you write code that can integrate with SP Online, doing the types of things that you're wanting to do.
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May 16th, 2015 9:33pm

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