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I am working in SharePoint 2010 site.

Is there a way I can aggregate result in core search result page for multiple users. The requirement is that Client wants to compare the one user's search result with another user's search result. If client enters keyword as multiple users names, for all given users, result should come in aggregated format/aggregated view (based on user).

one more challenge is here that , search returns more than 70,000 records for one user, how to aggregate them for multiple users and present in UI , so the record comparison can be done. Is it possible to show records in different tabs for different user....or something like that.

I am fine with customization and code approach , but only client side code (JS, Jquery or web service). do not have access to central admin and Front end servers.

Please let me know , if I missed to provide any info.

May 29th, 2015 7:08am

Hi Divya,

Per my understanding, you might want display search result in an aggregate format when users search multiple user names.

By default, user inputs a text into the OOTB Search box, a request to search web service will be sent in the code behind, then the search result from the server side based on the user input will display in the result page.

As a workaround, I suggest you create a custom solution from client side with the help of Search Web Service. In a custom solution, it will be able to split the multiple user names, send request with one user name once a time, then aggregate all the search in the format you want.

About Search Web Service:

Two demos about working with Search Web Service using JavaScript for your reference:  


Patrick Liang

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June 1st, 2015 3:27am

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