Sharepoint (WSS 3.0 SP2) and a 2nd server and SQL log shipping
Hello, I have been given the task of getting a backup plan together for a second site for our WSS 3.0 SP2 (WIndows 2003 SP2 Std) server to a second site. Now I do not have much in the way of experence in WSS, and I was not involved when it was installed. So This is my idea though I have been searching quite a bit to find the 'proper' setup 1. to use SQL log shipping to a second server (this would give a backup of the database itself), though I have seen mixed ideas if all the SQL DBs should be backed up or just the CONTENT database? Then there seems to be a process to apply the logs to the 2nd SQL server. 2. Adding a second server to the farm. This would still access access the original WSS server databases, correct? I have been looking to see if there is a actual best practice or a walkthough on adding that second server to the farm, as I not found a clearly defined one, then again I may be search an incorrect term. Is it as easy as repointing the Centreal Console on a second box to the 2nd SQL Server? Does not see that it could be that easy, it just never is. any help or advice would be great. Adam
February 26th, 2011 8:06am

Hello Adam, Need a few clarifications. Did you mean the second site as a second SharePoint farm? I would guess so otherwise you will not do SQL log shipping. If you are setting up SQL log shipping between two SharePoint farms, you should only ship the content database. Refer to the below URL for more details: Thanks, DipDip
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February 26th, 2011 11:36pm

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