Share point database and site collection size, and restrictions and workflow
Sharepoint site collections More Detail We had a 3rd party into to develop the share-point service, This is really a very difficult situation not the solution but the documents that are stored and the way it was retrieved. The real thing is that we receive an item it is booked into SAP and then we send an automated xml to set up a local site this site will then have details from the SAP system fed by ABAP. After the site is created, and then we add documents files and .jpg. These documents must show a detailed audit trail so that if challenged in a court of law can show who had access and who updated documents. SO the problem is 1 Site Collection that is 170gig and the design means that we have 1600 sites and these contain images that are stored in the single site collection. How do we remove the full documents and images and replace with links rather than the doc, img. 2. We have around 8 business units the problem is that they can share information across the units. If we add this like task manager these cannot be shared across site collections. 3. We have purchased K2 Blackpearl and K2 Connect any ideas on the performance and abilities of these. Thanks MDJ MDJ really trying to learn
October 19th, 2010 7:23pm

Hey MDJ, Just so I understand, you want to reduce the size of your content database by removing documents and images but leaving links in their place - is that correct? Where will the links lead to - the new location in another SP site collection? You want business units to be able to share tasks across site collections - is that correct? I am using K2 BlackPoint now, it's very powerful but in many ways too complex. For simple workflows I still prefer the ease of Sharepoint Designer workflows. I hope that helps! Tom Molskow SharePoint Architect - If I solved the issue please propose my reply as the answer - Thanks!
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October 20th, 2010 11:41pm

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