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I am working with one of the requirement for SharePoint 2013. What I need to achieve is Matrix need to be used for each and every user and store the user input in List. 

Area Roles
  Support SDM SM Team Leader PM

is it possible to store values for each user in SharePoint List? or do I need to have another app

May 21st, 2015 7:32am

Hi Abhijeet,

According to the matrix demo provided, you can use a list to store the matrix data for each user.

A possible solution can be like this:

1. Create a list with five Choice columns(Allow multiple selection): Reporting, Sales, SAP, HR, IT, each column contains the same options: Roles Support, SDM;

2. When in NewForm.aspx page of this list, there will be a matrix form for user input;

If there may be requirements on the matrix style like the chart you provided, I suggest you apply some custom JavaScript to implement the style you want.

Some JavaScript Chart libraries would be helpful to you:


Patrick Liang

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May 21st, 2015 9:45pm

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