SharePoint 2013 search results page configured to show 50 MicroFeed items gets stuck on iOS 8+ Safari

We have a SharePoint 2013 SP1 environment with 1WFE
and 1 APP server. We are trying to make out intranet portal mobile with all
adaptive and responsive design. Intranet web application is configured to use
NTLM. Most of the pages in out intranet site are search driven(Showing data
using search results web parts). Everything went well except one strange issue.

  • Load Intranet site in iOS Safari, it asks for credentials.
  • Provide credentials to loads the page
  • After browsing through few pages on site, Safari prompts for a password for intranet web application again.
  • Even after Providing correct credentials, the page does not load completely.
  • Refreshing the page does not help. Small loader image on top of the page keeps rotating and page never finishes loading and gets stuck.
  • Page does not load even after multiple refreshes after this point till we clear Safari history and cache from settings.

Since this issue was not easily reproducible and had
no pattern, we tried to create an easy repro using OOB SharePoint site with
absolutely no customization of any sort. you can use following steps to
reproduce the issue.

  • Create an Out of the box site collection with Publishing Template.
  • Enable "Site Feed" site feature.
  • Add 50-60 dummy site feed entries by going to newsfeed.aspx page within newly created site collection.
  • Do a full crawl for site collection created in step 1.
  • Create a page using Search results page layout in a site collection created in step 1. add search results webpart to it.
  • Configure search results webpart to show only microfeed data by adding query restriction as "ContentClass:STS_ListItems_544 -IsContainer:1"
  • Make Items to be shown on page as 50.
  • on iPhone/iPad with iOS8+, go to safari and close all existing tabs.
  • Close safari app.
  • Go to settings --> Safari and clear browsing history and website data for .
  • Start the Safari browser and ensure it is not in private mode. Goto the page configured in steps above.
  • Safari would ask for credentials twice for the same web application.
  • pay attention to data loaded on page, it would not be completed (as compere as data loaded on any browser on desktop).
  • Refresh the page few times, eventually it would get stuck and wont complete the page load.
  • none of the subsequent request would complete until we clear Safari browsing history.

Whenever this issue happens there are two things that we observed,

  • There are infinite 401 responses sent back from server for some resources on this page
  • There is an 401 response to which Safari have not responded.

On high level this issue seems to be related to how Safari handles NTLM authentication. after few requests/some time Safari does not respond property to 401. Any pointers in this regards would be of great help.

-Amol Meshe

May 26th, 2015 7:22pm


Is the site added to your trusted site zone? Try to disable the protected mode.

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May 26th, 2015 10:18pm

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for Reply. This issue is occurring on iOS Safari browser. I am not sure Trusted zone or protected mode is applicable in this case.

-Amol Meshe

May 27th, 2015 1:04am

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