SharePoint 2010 Column Data Filtering

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Two questions for everyone. Building a SharePoint 2010 site and am looking to learn a bit about the SP interface. 

Question 1: Is it possible to link information in the Content Organizer drop down menus to begin to filter the results that appear in drop downs further down. 

Example: User selects a value under "Brand Field." Future fields are filtered based on the first selection. In this example, Brand and Product Segment are both Choice Columns (Multi-Variable).

User Selects: Brand 1; Product Segments Available: Product Segment 1 
User Selects: Brand 2; Product Segments Available: Product Segment 2 & 3

Question 2: Is it possible to create levels of library filtering in the tree view. I am working for a client who has 300+ product lines across their 5 brands, so the ability to limited results while centrally warehousing information would be preferred. In the past they had accomplished a system using an intricate series of sub directories, but I would prefer to avoid if possible. 

Product Segment
Product Category
Product Series

Will submit photos in a few minutes.

February 25th, 2014 6:10am

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