SharePoint 2010 - InfoPath Services - Can't find the web part

Hi there,

I've recently been tasked with attempting to make an InfoPath form available on our sharepoint site. I managed to do so on a simple structured SharePoint 2010 site.

However now i have been tasked to introduce it to a development version of our internal site used around the organisation.

Now, unlike the first time, which took a lot of fiddlying to figure out how to publish the web-enabled form as a libary on sharepoint. When i try to add the web-part under 'Forms'.. the 'InfoPath Form Web Part' option is simply not there anymore.

I have ensured that 'Team colloboration Lists' is active. (Suggestion i found on another thread).

Any Thoughts?

Many Thanks,

January 24th, 2014 6:18am

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