SharePoint 2007 - Lowering version numbers of documents
Hi there, I am currently supporting a SharePoint 2007 system with around 400 active users. I have been asked a few times if we could lower the version number of a document. For example, a document is currently on version 5.0 and a user edits the document but only makes minor changes and wishes to save it as a draft, effectively changing the version to 5.1. However when the time comes the accidentally click on major revision and the document gets changed to version 6.0. Is there a way to knock the document back to version 5.0 or even change it to a minor revision back to 5.1 after this has been done? What I have done is to save the most recent changes of the document and then remove it from SharePoint. Then re-upload the document and one by one increment the changes back up to version 5.0. This is obviously really tedious and loses version history. Surely SharePoint has some kind of function where changes can be reverted?
July 30th, 2012 8:19pm

Hi, If I understood correctly then you want restore previous version of file form document library, To turn on version control for any document library, follow these steps: Go to your Shared Documents library. On the Ribbon, click Library. Click Library Settings. Below General Settings, click Versioning settings to view all available options from the Versioning Settings page. Below Document Version History group, select Create major versions. Click OK to complete the versioning control process. Now that youve turned on version control, you can view the history of a document and restore a previous version as follows: In your document library, click Library below Library Tools and then click Library Settings on the Ribbon. Hover over the name a file in the library until you see the down arrow. Select Version History. The Version History window appears with a list of the versions stored for the file. Hover over one of the dates until you see the down arrow on the right. Click the arrow to bring up the View, Restore, and Delete options for the version. Click OK after you make your selection. Mukesh Ajmera linkedin
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July 30th, 2012 10:44pm

Hi there, I wasn't looking to restore a previous version of the same file. What I am looking for is when a user changes a file and then selects it as a major revision *by accident* and then rings up our support desk and asks if we can change the revision they made to a minor one. For example: - A have a document which is currently on Version 4.0 - I make a few minor changes to the document and save it - When saving SharePoint asks if this is a major revision and the document will be saved as version 5.0 or if it is a minor revision and will be saved as version 4.1 - I accidentially choice major revision - I realize a made a mistake and phone my SharePoint admin to see if they can change it from 5.0 back to 4.1 without losing the changes I just made Does anyone know if this this possible?
August 2nd, 2012 1:05am

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