Service Provider Foundation returning different results for VirtualNetworkAdapter in REST Client and Powershell

While retrieving VirtualNetworkadapter, the VLAN details in Powershell is coming with the right value but the VLAN values in RESTclient is coming with 0. (For the same setup and same authentication)

We have the following setup,

OS - Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

VMM - System Center 2012 R2,
SPF - SPF 2012 R2
SQL Server SQL Server 2012 SP1
Hyper-V - 6.3.9600

Executing the following command in Powershell

Get-SCVirtualNetworkAdapter -vm UbuntuOS

SlotId                                     : 0
VirtualNetwork                             : Tenant-Logical-Switch
VMwarePortGroup                            :
MACAddressType                             : Dynamic
EthernetAddressType                        : Dynamic
PhysicalAddressType                        : Dynamic
MACAddress                                 :
EthernetAddress                            :
PhysicalAddress                            :
RequiredBandwidth                          : 0
VirtualNetworkAdapterType                  : Synthetic
VmwAdapterIndex                            :
LogicalNetwork                             : Tenant-Logical-network
VMNetwork                                  : Tenant-VM-network
VMNetworkServiceSetting                    :
VMSubnet                                   : Tenant-VM-network_0
PortClassification                         :
VirtualNetworkAdapterPortProfileSet        :
LogicalSwitch                              :
GuestIPNetworkVirtualizationUpdatesEnabled : False
MACAddressSpoofingEnabled                  : False
MACAddressesSpoofingEnabled                : False
VMNetworkOptimizationEnabled               : False
VLanEnabled                                : True
VLanID                                     : 25

VLANEnabled and VLAN are showing True and 25 respectively.

For the same setup, when we get the data from RESTClient


"ID": "8bfd2e1f-3313-4a14-b823-25b3b447500a",
      "Name": "UbuntuOS",
      "VMwarePortGroup": null,
      "EthernetAddressType": "Dynamic",
      "PhysicalAddressType": "Dynamic",
      "EthernetAddress": null,
      "PhysicalAddress": null,
      "VirtualNetworkAdapterType": "Synthetic",
      "Location": null,
      "Tag": null,
      "Description": "",
      "VMNetworkId": "c143d512-c00d-4c11-8e03-198891de3bd2",
      "VMNetworkName": "Tenant-VM-network",
      "VMSubnetId": "02ad8d0f-b11a-4853-839a-7dadb9c07174",
      "TemplateId": null,
      "VMId": null,
      "StampId": "8974d176-318e-436c-83f7-4284aa3c7a1f",
      "MACAddressesSpoofingEnabled": false,
      "SlotId": 0,
      "VLanEnabled": false,
      "VLanId": 0,

Not sure why we are getting VLAN id 0 in RESTClient. Any help in resolving this is highly appreciated.



July 20th, 2015 6:49am

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