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Hi All, I plan to implement SCOM 2012 and wanted to find whether we can monitor the following : System Resources CPU, Memory and File System utilizationCritical services on Windows servers RPC, Event Log, Server, Workstation and Computer BrowserCritical processes on UNIX servers crond, ntpd, syslogd, xinetd and sshdMonitoring of Windows event logs for events- Server shutdown, unexpected reboot, service hung state.Monitoring of OS logfiles on UNIX servers for kernel, authentication and syslog errors. If not possible the we will use HP Site Scope and HP NNMi
October 5th, 2012 3:21am

Hi Yes - this can all be done. Most of it out of the box with the Windows Core OS management pack but some items will require custom monitoring. Cheers GrahamRegards Graham New System Center 2012 Blog! - View OpsMgr tips and tricks at
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October 5th, 2012 3:31am

1. Just import Windows OS Management pack which has built-in monitor for CPU, memory and file system utilization 2. Windows OS management pack can monitor this critical windows service 3. just import cross-platform management pack for monitor critical unix process 4. you may create custom event rule for monitor server shutdown, unexpected reboot and service hung state 5. You may create a custom rule for monitor logfiles on UNIX servers for kernal, authentication and syslog errors. In summary, scom can fullfill all your monitor screnoria, some may be built-in monitor/rule and some of them may be custom rule/monitor. Roger
October 5th, 2012 3:35am

Jain, you have asked a lot of questions like this. It might behoove you to spend some time watching the informational videos MSFT has hosted outlining the capabilities of SCOM and the other System Center products or even try some of the virtual labs. There are also numerous white papers and management pack guides that outline what is monitored (for download and online), what reports are available, etc. Most of the questions you are asking are going to get a "Yes it can" answer, but you still won't know the details of how it's going to get done. All of today's monitoring systems are very capable of monitoring, it's just a matter of what is the best fit for your organization, the skill set of your engineering and operations team, the types of systems you are planning on monitoring and the scale of the environment (community is also a huge and often overlooked part of this as well - SCOM has a wonderful community behind it). With SCOM your biggest challenges are going to be MP tuning and proper scaling/sizing. There are also the challenges of monitoring non-Microsoft applications/software. These gaps are filled by third party vendors for the most part, but you will have to engage with them usually to get a demo/test mp and not all vendor mp's are the same (big vendors who compete with MSFT in this space, of course are not going to throw engineering hours towards a management pack when they develop something similar). So, while I encourage you to ask questions, and do so here, I also ask that you take the time and do some basic research on your own and when you run into road blocks or more complex questions, then bring those here so we can do our best to assist you.Regards, Blake Email: mengotto<at> Blog: If my response was helpful, please mark it as so, if it answered your question, then please also mark it accordingly. Thank you.
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October 5th, 2012 4:06am

Thanks Blake for the suggestion...I agree I need to do some research/study work; however i need the suggestion quickly so i posted. Thanks All!!
October 5th, 2012 5:47am

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