Separate Date and Time report parameters in SSRS 2005
Hello, Is it possible to declare separate report parameters in SSRS 2005 as Date and Time? I want the user to be able to enter a date and a time. When I declare the parameters in my stored procedure as datetime, in SSRS the parameter just shows as a Date only. thanks.
October 14th, 2010 4:41pm

There is no option to define a parameter with Time Datatype. Alternatively , you can have one another text parameter and parse it by concatenating with date selected. To avoid the format issues of time being entered , you can add the all the time from "0" to 24 hours in the available value of the parameter so that user will select rather than enter.
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October 14th, 2010 4:51pm

@Sorna: Can you explain in detail how we can do this . I want to have to seperate paramters for date and time as well!. I got the All the time in available value part . but how do we parse and concatenate it to date selected in another paramter!
May 19th, 2011 10:07am

Date select format: mm/dd/yyyy Time select format '01:00:00AM' =CDate(FormatDateTime(Parameters!DateFr.Value,2) & " " & Parameters!TimeFr.Value)
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May 19th, 2011 5:47pm

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