Secondary Site installation not completing properly.
Hi There, I have been trying to install a secondary site on a new remote server. At first I initiated the site installation via the central primary which started the bootstrap service and download of the installation files. During this process our network went down. The installation file was continually downloading reaching completion, deleting itself and downloading again. I then initiated the deinstallation of the site to stop the process so I could do a manual installation instead. This caused issues as the bootstrap ini file was constantly switching to install and deinstall while the package file was continually downloading. I then followed the flowchart of site installation to remove the replication and sender files and then manually uninstalled everything I could from the secondary site. When trying to initiate the site installation from the primary again, the bootstrap service never installed, the package file never appears. I then manually installed the site which then appeared in the primary console. The problem I have now is that the management point and pxe point roles do not install. Even though I can see the roles in the console, the components for them are not present. When looking at the ccm.log file, I see that its not detecting that it has a default MP: The Site Control File has not changed since the last parameter update. SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) Updating Site Parameters SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) MP Ports: 80 SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) MP SSL Ports: 443 SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) IISPreferedPort: 80 SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) IISSSLPreferedPort: 443 SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) Default MP: SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) SSL State: 0 SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) Certificate Selection Criteria: SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) Certificate Store: SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) Select First Certificate: 0 SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) No Fallback Status Point installed on the Site SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) Install on DC: False SMS_CLIENT_CONFIG_MANAGER 25/10/2010 17:40:01 3560 (0x0DE8) The pxe role is not installing at all either. When looking at the site control log on the primary, it shows that it is constantly trying to send the 2 child site the site control file as they have requested them. I do not see the 3rd child site requesting the file. So now i'm thinking that I must have removed a necessary file while trying to stop the secondary site loop installation which is causing the new secondary site to not communicate properly, and for the child primary to not be communicating properly (new task sequence file not being received, only updates to existing ones are shown). I do not see any errors in all sites logs, they all show that they are communicating properly yet i can see they arent. Please can you tell me what logs to check on both ends and how i can test communication between the components? Thanks!
October 25th, 2010 12:56pm

Anything in mpsetup.log? John Marcum | |
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October 25th, 2010 6:36pm

There is no mpsetup.log on the secondary site and the one on the central site has not been written to since april.
October 26th, 2010 5:21am

Try deleting the MP from the console at the parent site, wait a while and add it back. Even then you should see something in the logs. John Marcum | |
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October 26th, 2010 7:09pm

Ok as we had other issues with that server publishing printers to AD, we rebuilt it. It is a 2008 R2 server. I initiated the secondary site installation which finished the install successfully this time round. It was able to publish the site in AD. I then initiated the install for the management point which also installed ok but was then unable to contact the SQL database even though the same group used for all MP's has the correct privillege. So I opted to use the service account for the MP which then created the SQL side of things and MPcontrol.log is now showing its connecting successfully. The service account is in the same group as the machine accounts. So i dont know why the service account works, but the machine account keeps failing. Now although it was able to create the site file in AD, it cannot create the MP one: Severity Type Site code Date / Time System Component Message ID Description Error Milestone XXX 28/10/2010 12:53:30 XXXX01 SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER 4913 Systems Management Server cannot create the object "cn=SMS-MP-XXX-XXXX01" in Active Directory. Possible cause: This site's SMS Service account or the site server's machine account may not have full control rights for the "System Management" container in Active Directory Solution: Give the site's SMS Service account full control rights to the "System Management" container, and all child objects in Active Directory. Possible cause: Another Active Directory object named "cn=SMS-MP-XXX-XXXX01" already exists somewhere outside of the "System Management" container Solution: Locate the other object with the same name, and delete the object from its current location. Then allow SMS create a new object. Possible cause: The Active Directory schema has not been extended with the correct SMS Active Directory classes and attributes. Solution: Turn off Active Directory publishing for each site in the forest, until the schema can be extended. The schema can be extended with the tool "extadsch.exe" from the SMS CD. I would also prefer not to use the service account for the MP but rather keep it uniform with the other sites by using the machine account. I have double checked permissions on local admins, local sms groups, AD container, AD group, SQL DB. I cannot see why it has no permission to create the MP in AD, or why it cannot connect to SQL without the service account.
October 28th, 2010 8:13am

Ok now i'm getting errors that it cannot update the site object in AD.
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October 28th, 2010 8:35am

Rebooted both site servers and now its publishing to AD and SQL using machine account.
October 28th, 2010 10:38am

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