Secondary Servers and Wake on LAN


Main Data Centre:

  1 x Primary SCCM Server in 10.1.xx.xx

Site A:

  1 x Secondary SCC Servers and Client devices in 10.2.xx.xx

Site B:

  10.3.xx.xx respectively

Broadcast packets are not permitted.


Enable Wake On Lan of the Client devices at Site A & B.


If I enable WOL (Subnet Directed Broadcast) on the Primary SCCM server, why is the WOL settings on the Secondary SCCM servers still greyed out? Is this just becuase the secondarys haven't yet received the update from the Primary and I am simply impatient?

If the above is me just being impatient...And I enable WOL (Subnet Directed Broadcast) on the Secondary SCCM servers, what is the traffic flow of the WOL process? Does the Primary send an instruction to the Secondary to send out the Subnet Directed Broadcast? ....

Or does the Primary always attempt to send the magic packet directly to the Client device, irrespective of whether or not the Secondary server has WOL enabled?

I am just trying to work out if there is a way that we can get WOL (Subnet Directed Broadcast) working without have to reconfigure the routers or haveing to purchase a 3rd party add-on.

January 15th, 2014 7:08am

The wake on LAN will work from Primary or central not required to configure on the secondary and you are not allowed to do if i am not wrong...

The WOL was working OK if the IP address are static, the machines are  Dynamic means router config is required for subnet directed broadcasting.

I had the same issue below solution has resolved it for me  and most of the machines are woked up. the  wakeup is happening based on the IP address if its dynamic then its searching for it and dropped the packet after maximum try.

you can also monitor the WOL packet receiving on clients using tools like wireshark,packet tracer.

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January 15th, 2014 5:07pm

Thanks very much Kamala. Your blog at the following expalins the issue brilliantly:

I wish MS would have removed the WOL Tab from Secondary Site Servers to avoid my confusion. WIth that tab being there, I wrongly assumed that a Secondary SCCM server could also be instructed to send the Magic Packet.

January 15th, 2014 7:43pm

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