Scatter Chart Problem With X-Axis
Hello, I have designed a Report with a Graph of the Type Simple Scatter. I have set the Average value for x and the y axis Coordinate is duration in integer. For the y-Axis it works, but the Average value on the x axis is ignored. I want to consider the value max 500 for the x-axis’s, but it could not display the x-axis value when I put the series value as Events And If I am considering the Category field as Year, Quarter, Month or week but it not considered. I confused about this problem. Please tell me This problem is occur from my side or from SSRS. I have find some forums as : Scatter-Chart Bug ?!?! Scatter Chart Issue I use SQL 2005 Reporting Services with SP1. Has anyone a idea what might cause this problem? Regards, Parikshit R. Deshpande,
October 4th, 2010 11:06pm

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