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Is there an order in which I have to follow to remove a remote node from Scale out Deployment ? SQL 2005 SSRs SP4. Enterprise Edition. Eventhouhg I have removed the node ( according to status reported) removed the node , when I opne the Reporting configuration tooll , it still shows that it is uninitialized but listed in teh scaleout dpelyment tab. I have the Encryption Key backed up but wondering if there is nay order in which I hvve to do this on local and rmeote machine. When I previously added the second instance , I had to add it form the main node where SSRs is the already initialized ( based ona KB article) . Moreover I am unable to backup the encryption key on the seond node as it says the node is not initialized. I can not seem to find anything in the forums for help. SQLCHANTer
September 30th, 2012 3:58pm

Hi SQLCHANTer, If we add nodes to a deployment, we must join any new instances from a report server that is already part of the deployment. However, if we are removing nodes from the deployment, we can remove them in any order. To remove a report server from a scale-out deployment, we need to open the RSreporserver.config file on the report server pengding remove, and find the Installation ID. Then, we can run the following rskeymgmt commads on any other report server that is part of the scale-out depolyment to release the target report server instance: rskeymgmt -r <installation ID> For more information, please see: Adding and Removing Encryption Keys for Scale-Out Deployment Regards, Mike Yin TechNet Subscriber Support If you are TechNet Subscription user and have any feedback on our support quality, please send your feedback here.Mike Yin TechNet Community Support
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October 1st, 2012 4:10am

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