SSRS group by issue
I have report in SSRS and there is a formatting requirement that I am not able to take care of e.g Data GroupName Leads1 Leads2 Leads3 mem1 2 4 3 mem2 4 3 5 My issue is when there is an increase in this count for any of the member then I need to change the background color of the ColumnName at the Group level so in this case for mem1 couint increases from 2 to 4 from then bg color of leads2 column should be RED Leads 3 would be red bcoz the count increases from 3 to 5. Similarly I need to check for all the records in my group and set the bg color property to RED for that column whose members shows increasing behavior when compared to previous values. I tried applying the expression to bgcolor property of the column name but it just cjhecks for the values in the first row. I some how need to write an expression that would be applied to all the rows in a group. =iif(field1!.value> field0!.value,"Red",nothing) something like this but it should evaluate all the rows given in the group. Is there anything that i can do with InScope() ?? any help is appreciated, i have been stuck on this for 2 days now..perhaps there is a different approach that i haven't yet considered.. thanks
October 12th, 2010 11:00pm

Hi, From your description, do you mean if one member’s Lead2 is greater than its Lead1, the background color of the column name in the group will be Red as the following picture shows? If so, we can achieve this by using the Sum function for conditional aggregate calculations. And control the background color by based on the conditional sum. For example, we can specify the background color of Lead2 in the group header by the expression like =IIf(Sum(IIf(Fields!Lead2.Value>Fields!Lead1.Value,1,0))>0,"Red",nothing) Please correct the field name based on your report. If I have misunderstood, please also point out. Thanks, Tony Chain Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help
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October 18th, 2010 9:31am

Tony, Thanks for your reply. You have understood my issue precisely but the solution that you have given won't work. I tried it actually and realized that there is one problem in doing the sum. lets say if my data is like Lead 1 Lead 2 6 3 1 2 (* increase hence Lead2 shd be RED) So in this case there is an increase but the sum of Lead2 is less than that of Lead1 hence LEAD2 won't be in Red. How ever i got this working by using a work around. Thanks you so much for your reply. Hardik Ginwala
October 21st, 2010 5:15pm

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