SSRS Pi chart report formatting issues
Hi, We are facing problem with Pi chart formatting in SSRS, we want the result to be displayed as shown in below image, for the narrow slices we want to display the stats info out side the slice with a line connected to the slice, and for wider slice we want to display the stats info on the top of the slice Below is the actual result we are getting: Please help to resolve the formatting issuesMark this post as answer if this resolves your issue. Everything about SQL Server | Experience inside SQL Server -Mohammad Nizamuddin
September 7th, 2012 12:59am

Hi There Thanks for your posting. You will be able to do this. Please click on the Pie char label and go to properties and find the position property of label and put something like this =iif((sum(Fields!Rev_Ytd_Actual.Value)/Sum(Fields!Rev_Ytd_Actual.Value, "DataSet1")) >0.10,"Auto","Outside") =iif((sum(Fields!Rev_Ytd_Actual.Value)/Sum(Fields!Rev_Ytd_Actual.Value, "DataSet1")) >0.10,"Auto","Outside") you can put instead of Auto Center or Left or Right I hope this will help I am putting screenshot for your help. Please also see the link below where I answered the same Many thanks Syed Qazafi Anjum
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September 7th, 2012 1:10am

Hi i am using .rdlc reports as above written but i am not able to make same chart as above. I am getting output as second chart. so please tell me the actual method to implement same pie chart on my .rdlc report.
October 4th, 2012 2:22am

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