SSRS 2005 - Extra Data (Characters) after SQL result
Hi, I ran into a snag with Reporting Services 2005. When I run a query in RS against SQL it returns me a result with some additional data (characters) + bunch of spaces!! So here is an example: my query returns a varchar, when I run it in SQL it is fine and returns me: "SHRIMP 5 SAMPLE" When I run it SSRS in the Data tab, I get "SHRIMP 5 SAMPLE E NET WT 5 SAMPLE " (extra data and bunch of spaces) It does it for all results. The extra characters are absolutelly unrelated to this record BTW so I have no clue where it's picking those up from! Here is what I tried so far without any luck: -I made sure the database is correct and I'm connecting to the correct source. -I created a brand new solution with a new report and inserted this pretty simple Query "Select Descr1 from Table where ObjectID=1234" -Tried different methods for the Datasets: stored procedure and text. -Tried Googling this problem and looked everywhere for 1 day, whata waste of time! :( BTW, I have to use RS 2005 becasue we have old Sharepoint and that's where I have to publish. Thanks!!
October 18th, 2010 8:52pm

Can you please post your query that you are running in SQL and in SSRS Data Tab?
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October 18th, 2010 9:00pm

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