SCOM 2007 licensing
Hi You'll need to speak to your microsoft account manager to find out exactly what your license agreement is with Microsoft. We can advise on how licensing works in general but only your account manager will know what agreements you have in place. In general: - a standard license for any server you are monitoring just windows base operating system + Dell \ HP Management Packs - an enterprise license for any server you are monitoring an application on - SQL \ Exchange \ AD etc - a client license for any client monitoring (including AEM). You need licenses for production and non-production. Datacenter doesn't change that. But there are such things as SMSE and SMSD licenses: This allows you to license a physical server and be licensed for the system center suite for all virtual servers on the physical box (within the license limits of the Operating System of the host). Upgrading from MOM2005 to SCOM 2007 would depend if you have purchased software assurance. You really do need to speak to someone who knows your specific license agreement. Cheers GrahamView OpsMgr tips and tricks at
February 25th, 2011 3:19pm

perfect. exactly what we were looking for
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February 25th, 2011 3:26pm

Hi, does anyone k now microsoft licensing for SCOM? My boss just sent me this as we are in the middle of doing our MS True Up: “do we only need scom licenses for “production” boxes, and is this based on Windows Server licences ? If we purchase Windows Datacenter....does that change the license requirements ?” Can upgrade our current MOM 2005 Licneses to SCOM 2007 ?
February 25th, 2011 3:45pm

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