SCE 2007 on EBS 2008 won't upgrade to SP1
I have just received the Action Pack (MAPS) and I'm installing some of the new software.I just installed the Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (Portuguese-Brazil), x64,that shipped with the MAPS subscription and with it, System Center Essentials 2007.There is no way to uninstall it from EBS (from Microsoft: "SCE in integrated into EBS and cannot be uninstalled") and no way to install a "regular" SCE (since it detects other SCE and asks for uninstall... ...).I have just installed some Windows 7 (also from MAPS) and I figured out that I cannot control them with SCE.That's not a major problem since it's a small-to-mid size network and I can manage to control clients manually (as it was done before MAPS subscription).But since SP1 adds (from Microsoft) "a reduced memmory and processor consumption and many features" to my SCE, I would like to install SP1.I have downloaded both English and Portuguese versions, both amd64.Just can't install it.SCEreturns error"No SCE upgradable products were found" and stops there.Could it be just for EBS? Or it's a specifig problem that happend only here?
October 1st, 2009 6:27am

Hi Lord, Please Check out following registry value: HTML\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\setup. if the UIVerson is 6.0.6278.0, it denotes the SCE SP1 has been installed
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October 2nd, 2009 12:06pm

just not html (lol)... HKML -> ... ... ...I just think it would be nice if somewhere on my system could show me that SP1 was installed isntead of just going into REGEDIT.I've checked everything including help > about and there is no mention for SP1...strange ~~=)
October 6th, 2009 9:05pm

Same for me here. Why is help - Info Showing Version 6.0.1885.0 () and not that SP1 is installed?
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February 10th, 2010 12:35am

I'd also like to know the answer to this. has anyone on ebs successfully upgraded sce to SP1?
March 24th, 2010 4:24pm

There is something interesting here : as Eric suggested I checked the registry. It shows 6.0.6287.0 I then clicked the Help / About menu in SCE UI, which shows : 6.0.1885.0 So what's the truth about the version ? This topic is very interesting for me, since SCE works - well - a little bit weird. Maybe SP1 would help it...
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March 30th, 2010 3:19pm

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