SCCM Server and Client Communication Across NAT Configuration
Hi All We have the following Network Setup: A Centralized Data Center at one location hosting AD, DNS, DHCP and other Infra servers. The Data Center serves as a hub for all the other physical locations across the country. We have ample amount of bandwidth between Hub and Spoke sites (minimum 1 GBPs). The Data Center IP Subnet range is 10.80.X.X and remote locations have Subnet ranges like 172.16.97.X. There's no direct IP Routing between the Spoke locations and the Hub (Data Center). The client in the spoke locations send request on 17.16.97.X IP for the servers hosted in Data Center which are translated (NAT Transaltion) by the Router at the Data Center to some 10.80.X.X IP the reverse translation happens when the servers respond back to the client. We wish to use SCCM 2007 to manage clients on the Intranet as well as on the Internet. Our SCCM Server would be placed in the Data Center and the clients would be in various remote locations. Referring to the article --> under section "Configuration Manager 2007 Client Hardware Requirements" Just wanted to check: 1. Is this a supported scenario (Microsoft has tested it). 2. Even if it is not supported, will this configuration work. What our the alternatives in our scenario if this will not work. 3. What if we want to place a Secondary Site Server at any of the remote locations. Can the Primary and Secondary Site Servers communicate across a NAT configuration ? Regards zamn
February 22nd, 2011 2:52pm

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