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Hello, I tried to find a solution to this question as I'm sure it's not the first time it's been asked, however, I never seem to get the right result from the search.. Moving on! Background I am a build engineer using TeamCity to produce built applications that are eventually deployed to different target servers depending on the application. We currently use a monolithic xml configuration file along with some VB scripts to implement deployment but the deployment process is in need of serious re-vamping.. I would like to know several things regarding SSCM: - Firstly, it restricted to deploying MS apps like Office, as I've only ever seen this an example? - Secondly, can I point SCCM to an artifact repository OR staging area where it can collect artifacts to deploy? (These artifacts mainly consisting of .exe's that live in a TeamCity Build Server repository) - Does it have a front end web GUI that allows me to monitor/run deployments? - Does it allow for multiple users to run their own deployments, or is only restricted to an administrator? Tbh, I am trying to get a feel for whether this will be the right application to use.. I will endeavour to use the free trial once I have everything else setup. Thanks in advance. Alex
February 19th, 2010 9:08pm

Restricted to Microsoft Apps? No, not at all. As long as you can supply the required source files and proper installation command line, ConfigMgr will deploy it for you. Connector? There are no out of the box connector's to import or reference application packages from any type of external repository. To my knowledge, there are no third party ones either; however, this would not be too difficult to build using the documented interfaces in the SDK. Web GUI? There is no out of the box administration web GUI; however, all reporting (including status updates and monitoring) is done via a web interface. There is a community driven admin web interface available though. Packages/Applications can be deployed to either users or systems; these can either be mandatory or voluntary and made available to users to install on demand. There are various third-party "shopping-carts" available to make this process prettier but the out of the box functionality works very well depending upon your exact needs.Jason | | | Twitter @JasonSandys
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February 19th, 2010 9:56pm

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