SCCM Package Distribution - logs indicate success - package not showing up or updating status
I have an environment with 74 Secondary Sites There is a package that is being used for OSD and it is failing to update 6 sites. It has been received on all but 6 and has successfully updated the status on all but 6. Every log I look at says the package has been received and processed: "SMS Distribution Manager successfully processed package "CustomSettings - XP Corporate" (package ID = SIL00A49)." I have verified the server share, verified the rights / permissions. I have removed it from the 6 problem sites in the Admin COnsole as a DP. There is no movement in the logs showing the removal. I re-distribute, I see the same messages appear - SMS Distribution Manager successfully processed package...... I can create a new package and have it successfully distributed to ALL. This particular package will NOT update these 6 sites. As this package is used for OSD it is tied to every base image we have, it is not a simple solution to delete and recreate as there are many dependencies on this. I have checked distrmgr.log on the parent and the DP - nothing showing problems I have checked the SMSPKG folder to see if the compressed package has been received - nothing I have checked for activity for this package in - it has shown up and just sits in this location (any other package created moves on as expected) I have restarted the SMS Services at both the child and parent sites - I have even rebooted the servers. I'm at a loss - anything else that I could look at? If it wasnt going to cause issues with builds or re-imaging I would have blown it away a while ago.
May 10th, 2012 9:15am

What does distmgr.log say on these 6 secondary sites about the package having issues?Jason | | Twitter @JasonSandys
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May 10th, 2012 10:07am

Package SIL00A49 requires a newer version (3) of source files and the new compressed files haven't arrived yet, current version is 2, skip F:\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\INCOMING\TNQQHR7T.PKG
May 10th, 2012 10:43am

How about sender.log on the site server? Is the package set to low priority? How are the sender's throttling and scheduling configured for those secondaries?Jason | | Twitter @JasonSandys
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May 10th, 2012 11:07am

What I am seeing is that the SMS_Site share at the secondary Site is not processing the records. All rights are in place - confirmed Why are these records not getting processed? Why are they remaining in this folder? They should be gettign processed and removed quickly.
May 10th, 2012 3:28pm

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