SCCM Object Replication Issue From Central To Primary
Hi, I have 1 central and several primaries sitting downstream from the Central. I updated a load of OSD Task Sequences at the weekend and one of the primary sites hasnt picked up on the changed OSD Task Sequence, and if i go back and create a new duplicate of the task sequence that doesnt get replicated to this troublesome site either. It all used to work. Looking in the replication manager log i can see it picks up that there have been changes at Central and receives a file however if i then look in the obejct replication log i see that the there are errors. In addition if i look in .\Inboxes\\INCOMING i can see that the retry folder has about 8 files. I tried to use the preinst utility to force a re-sync on Central to the site in question but when i did using preinst /snycchild Sitecode it said that the sitecode was unknown ? However it obviously knows the site. thinking about it now i am not sure i want to force a full resync as this is sitting at the other end of a 4mb link and i think it will be quite traffic intensive. My question is how do i force it to resync the objects, i dont want it to resync packages or anything just the objects, specifically the task sequence obects. I am now concerned that we are going to have issues with people putting machines in application collections at central and that not going down to the primary. Any help as to how to re-sync would really be appreciated.
July 4th, 2010 9:14pm

Have you tried the PREINST.EXE SYNCPARENT also and see how that does? There is also a web report called "Sites by Hierarchy with time of last status update" that you can review to ascertain if the site is actually being able to communicate with the parent successfully. If the site is not reporting in correctly, then you could try detaching the primary child from the central site ( and then do a PREINST/DELSITE to make sure it is gone, then do a preinst /deljob on both sites, and then re-attach and see if it synchs correctly then. David Baur
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July 5th, 2010 8:25am

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