Rolling out OpsMgr updates to non-domain servers eg CU3
Hi, I am having a LOT of trouble updating agents that are outside the domain the RMS sits in, using an automated procedure. Some have suggested using SCCM, other PSEXEC. It seems to me that PSEXEC is the simpler option, but the "devil is in the details", as usual. So with over 100 non-domain servers, each haing varying local admin credentials, can I please get some feedback as to how others tackle this problem, besides logging on manually to each and every server. If u have it working via PSEXEC, then I would love to get the actual lines being used to just run an update on one server. (Using For/Next and a text file will then duplicate any others, I assume.....) e.g. run the following for a remote non-domain server: Copy a set of files SetupUpdateOM.exe /x86msp:KB2251525-x86.msp /amd64msp:KB2251525-x64.msp /ia64msp:KB2251525-ia64.msp /x86locmsp:KB2251525-x86-ENU.msp /amd64locmsp:KB2251525-x64-ENU.msp /ia64locmsp:KB2251525-ia64-ENU.msp /UpdateAgent /noreboot /silent Thx very much, John Bradshaw
October 28th, 2010 9:15pm

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