Reverting back visual upgrade in sharepoint 2010
Hello everyone, I was wondering if you can guide me on this. I have a recent new sharepoint 2010 site running perfectly from an database attach upgrade method from sharepoint 2007. All the themeing and little customisations have been manually upgraded to Sharepoint 2010 and it all works fine. Now, while creating a new site from Site Actions > Create > Sites and Workspaces > Team Site, it is actually picking up the new Sharepoint 2010 template. Is it possible to revert back new sharepoint 2010 sites to Sharepoint 2007 the theme (what we got originally). For doing so, I ran the Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell with the following - Get-SPSite http://abc/sales/units/lease-holdings | Get-SPWeb "lease holdings" | Foreach{$_.UIVersionConfigurationEnabled=1;$_.UIVersion=3;$_.Update();} - reference for the above - Just keeps coming back with error - Site not found or Web not found. What am I doing wrong in the syntax, I am using Management Shell in the context of Farm Administrator. 1. How to revert visual upgrade on a specific sharepoint 2010 website ? 2. Why is sharepoint 2010 rolling out new UI during site creation specially when inheriting the old moss 2007 theme (the one manually fixed and working)? Please suggest and share your thoughts. Thanks .Net Frenzy Microsoft Community Contributor
October 15th, 2012 7:17am

I may not be understanding you correctly but I'll give it a go. The visual upgrade is for migrated sites only, not for new sites, so this sounds like it's working as expected. New sites, whether it's a subsite or a site collection will only recognise SharePoint 2010 definitions. SharePoint 2007 was very reliant on tables, SP2010 uses CSS, which is why a visual upgrade step was introducd for migrations. There's no approved way to return to SP2007 branding / definitions that I know of.Steven Andrews | SharePoint Professional | |
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October 15th, 2012 10:55am

Hi Steven, You understood well. You are right, Visual Upgrade is only for existing migrated sites, by default the action create new site will always result in Sharepoint 2010 themed website to be created not the old theme. I tried every setting under the sun available in sharepoint 2010 to use migrated site themeing but to my vain. Investigating further, I have found out that in order to rebrand a new Sharepoint 2010 to my old UI, I would require modifications to relevant Css, theme, master page files. Thank you for responding and sharing your knowledge. Marking your post as answer..Net Frenzy Microsoft Community Contributor
October 15th, 2012 11:07am

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