Restricting Date Parameter Values
I have a daily revenue report (with 1 date parameter) that runs daily via report subscription. Is there a way to restrict the date parameter so it can only select from 2009/1/1 up to Yesterday. Our daily ETL process will process yesterday's data around 6:00 am, if the user picks a wrong date then the report will be incomplete. I use =DateAdd("d",-1,Today()) for my default date parameter. Is there a way to come up an explanation or a message that “processing has not completed” or “data not available” if the user try to pull a report with wrong date? Thanks!Thanks, Michael Mei
October 14th, 2010 9:17pm

Hi Michael, Generally, we use 2 basic controls to achieve this purpose as follows: 1. On the report body, insert a Textbox and type some message to prompt the users like "You can only select from 2009/1/1 up to yesterday", then set its Hidden property to =IIF(Parameters!theDatetime.value<Cdate('2009/1/1'),false,True) to show this message to the users if they select <2009/1/1 date from the datetime picker control. 2. Insert a Rectangle on the report body, and then drag all of orignal report items into it, and then set its Hidden property to =IIF(Parameters!theDatetime.value<Cdate('2009/1/1'),true,false) to hide all report items if the above circumstances happen. this is basic idea to achieve such reqirements. thanks, Jerry
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October 18th, 2010 5:39am

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