Reportviewer make the toolbar the size size as the displayed report
Hi, I have several Reportviewer reports with multiple matrices on of different sizes. I only need to display one matrix at a time, depending on the value of the parameters. However the reportviewer size is always the size of the largest matrix (even when it is invisible), I'm trying to line-up a back button on the screen to the right-most column of the displayed matrix. Because the matrices are of different lengths, then sometimes when the smallest matrix is displayed you have to scroll to the right of the matrix to see the button, the users complained about this because the button isn't always visible on the screen. How do you get the toolbar to be the exact length of the displayed matrix, so that my button is lined up to the right-most column of the matrix. Failing that are there any other suggestions on how I can implement a back button on my report display page so that users can quickly get back to the criteria page. Regards RobertRobert Smith
July 19th, 2012 11:50am

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