Report Build Issue: Contains Prompt cannot be saved.
I create a report model, and use report builder to access this model, everything seems fine until I reopen the saved .rdl file. This local file is created by report builder, in it I create a simple report with a prompt filter, and this filter'Comparison Operator Options is "Contains". When I run the report during the design, the report and the filter prompt work fine for me, however, after I save the report in local folder, and also I close report builder, then I reopen report builder and open this report, this time I cannot see the prompt any more when running the report. And when I check the filer, the filter is not set as Prompt any more. BTW, when I set the comparison operator as "equals","in a list", then the prompt can be saved. So how this weird thing happens? Can someone give me a solution? Thanks in advance. Billy
February 24th, 2011 1:11am

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