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I am new to SharePoint and need assistance in how to remove a column in a list.  Please see the below image.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance

July 17th, 2015 10:14am


If that column is part of SharePoint custom list - please follow the below steps


In the Settings group, click List Settings or Library Settings.

  • On the List Settings or Library Settings page, in the Columns section, click the name of the column that you want to delete.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Change Column page and then click Delete.

    Note    Lists and libraries contain required columns that cant be deleted, such as the Title or Name. If the column cant be deleted, the Delete button is not available. If you cant delete a column, but you dont want the column to appear in a view, you can remove it from the view.

  • When prompted, click OK.


Refer link :

If that columns comes out of a content type refer this link

If that columns is part of workflow that you have created

 1.  Get SharePoint Manager from Codeplex, if you've not already. It's a freeware with very useful feature for people like us.

2. Run SharePoint Manager as administrator 

3. Under the site -> List -> Fields, change the property of Workflow field Allow Deletion True

4. Open the site in SPD, Edit List coulmns, Show Read Only columns & finally delete.


You can remove them from view by modifying the library view and unticking the oxes so they are not displayed.

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July 17th, 2015 12:46pm

Hi Rolfhersh,

If the column is created manually, then the column can be deleted from List Settings page as Sivabalan suggested.

You can access and delete the column under Columns in List Settings.

If the column is the system column which is enabled by content approval feature, then the column cannot be removed.

You need to disable the feature by going to List Settings > Versioning settings > select No under Require content approval for submitted items.

Best regards,


July 21st, 2015 8:00am

Instead of deleting it, you could also hide it from the Current View. In the list's ribbon, click on Current View, and deselect the column you'd like hidden. This way the data within the column isn't lost if, for example, an administrator wants to check, though it would be hidden from other users.

If an admin did want to take a look at the column contents, they could go to Create View, select the column hidden from the other view, and see it's contents.

Good luck,


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July 22nd, 2015 10:09pm

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