Remote Desktop Services Printer Redirection

recently I configured a server with Windows 2008 Server R2. On this server I installed Remote Desktop Services. I have a problem with printer redirection with MS Windows Clients (Windows 7 and Windows 8). I tried with different printers Samsung, Brother and Sharp. It's not a problem of configuration because all MAC OSX Client can print with their printers on the Remote Desktop Connection using printer redirection. I tried the same printer, a Brother DCP-7065DN using a MAC OSX Computer and a MS Windows Computer: with MAC OSX Computer printer redirection works, with MS Windows Computer doesn't.

I verified:

  • Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration and in Client Settings the option Disable Windows Printer in not flagged
  • in Local Group Policy Editor: Do not allow client printer redirection is not configured
  • in Local Group Policy Editor: Use Remote Desktop Easy Printer driver first: i tried with all options but it doesn't work I verified
  • in Computer Management in Device Manager that Remote Desktop Device Redirector Bus in working
  • On the MS Windows Client in the Remote Desktop Connection Property Printer Redirection is active and I can see the printer redirected on the server

If I give a print command with notepad on the remote desktop session on the server, I can see that the Server spooler is managing the print job but the client spooler doesn't receive anything.

What could be the problem? Is there a way to enable logs on the server to understand the flow of the data between Server and Client?


May 28th, 2015 3:17am


Please make sure the users have enough permissions to the printers folder on the server.  You may do this by opening a administrator command prompt and typing the following:

icacls c:\windows\system32\spool\printers /grant Users:(OI)(CI)M

Please restart the server after the above command, then test to see if users are able to print.



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May 28th, 2015 3:47am

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