Regarding the Subscription of SSRS reports from the Sharepoint Portal.
Hello, At present, I am having some SSRS reports hosted on share point portal and For one report, I am subscribing thorugh manage subscription by mentioning the dropdown values (The Selections which are required for the report) as parameters. So that, I am going get a mail for the report for the selection which I made from the report. Now The Issue is, for every combination I should need to select the parameters and need to subscribe for that. Is it possible to mention all the selection crieteria at once and run it in one shot? Can we write any backgroud job to complete all the selection criterias at once? Please help me on this. Thank you!! Regards, Pradeep.
October 13th, 2010 3:36am

Have a look into data driven subscriptions - they allow you to loop through data sets to provide parameter valuesRgds Geoff
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October 13th, 2010 4:42am

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