Reference attribute flow from metaverse to SQL table
Hi everyone, I am interested in exporting the groups from FIM Portal (they are imported here from Active Directory) to an application that works with a SQL Server Database. The member attribute in metaverse is of reference type and I want to connect this attribute to an attribute in the SQL table. I have made this table attribute a Reference (DN) and I'm using an outbound synchronization rule to export the groups to the external SQL database. During the synchronization in the Synchronization Service Manager, I get error of type "sync-rule-flow-provisioning-failed". I think that the flow of the reference attributes causes this error. Is it possible to export an reference attribute from metaverse to a string column in SQL table?
April 24th, 2012 7:03am

I am flowing a reference attribute to a SQL table. It's single valued though. We are flowing Manager for user to a SQL table. In the MA configuration for Column...the SQL type is listed as reference. In my portal flow I flow manager to Manager with flow scope as Person. What ends up getting flowed is the account name. So I know it can be done, but I believe your concern is going to be that you are trying to flow a multi-value reference attribute. If you do a preview on one group, what is shown? It's not possible to flow it to a string column....I tried that early on and was unsuccessful until I made the column in the SQL MA reference(DN).
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April 24th, 2012 1:17pm

To flow a multi-valued reference attribute to a SQL database you need to do the following: Prepare your databaseProvision the referring objects and the referred to objects into that connector spaceConfigure the outbound flow To prepare your database you need to setup a multi-valued attribute table. It will look something like this Anchor, AttributeName, Value You need to provision both the groups and the users because it is a reference attribute and if the objects don't exist in that MA's connector space then they won't flow Of course you need to configure the outbound flow. Which will flow out the User's anchor attribute to the multi-valued table So it might look like this ObjectTable Anchor (some identity field), ObjectType, DN, Desc 1, group, cn=mygroup, Cool dudes 2,user,cn=fred, one cool dude 3,user,cn=joe, another cool dude Multivalued table Anchor, AttributeName, AttributeValue 1, Member, 2 1,Member,3 David Lundell, Get your copy of FIM Best Practices Volume 1
April 24th, 2012 2:58pm

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