RDLC : plot only x axis and skip y axis at specific value
Hi i am facing a problem with .rdlc report in visualstudio2008. in my X,Y Scatter graph value of x and y axis value come dynamically. but problem arise when y value is Zero. then suddenly my graph dip to Y=0 and then rise up next value it rise to next y value.but i don't want my graph to dip to zero and then rise so what ideal behaviour i am looking for example x= 10 , y= 10 x= 20 , y = 20 x= 30, y=30 // if i put y=0 then graph dip. but i want then in graph x value is plot but for Y value line go directly from y = 20 to y = 40 so i skip only y =20 to y=30 line and y=30 to y = 40 line but a direct line from y = 20 to y = 40.but i still wanna to show x value in graph. x=40 ,y= 40 x= 50 , y = 50how this behavious can be achieve in .rdlc. any type of help Appriciated ThanksAmit
January 27th, 2010 12:55pm

Hi Amit,There seems to be no ways to achieve this in rdlc report of visual studio 2008, because the rdlc designer is the same with BIDS 2005. If possible to use remote report, you can design this report in BIDS 2008 and there is EmpyPoint property of the chart series to do it to meet your requirement. Please follow these steps to do this in BIDS 2008:1. Use the expression =IIF(Sum(Fields!y.Value)=0,nothing,SUM(Fields!y.Value)) to overwrite the value of Y.2. Click the series of the chart, and it will appear in the Properties Box.3. Locate the EmpyPoint property and set the color to speical color, i.e. Red, and can re-define the value of Empty point by EmptyPointValue property, by default, it is Average, and so on. After these settings, there will be a mark with diffrerent attribute from other data points at the "y=30" even though the Y =0 actually.Hope this helpfully,Jerry
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February 3rd, 2010 12:34pm

Now I VS 2010 we have the EmptyPoint property for RDLC. I am trying to use that for this purpose, but still not working. Can anyone please explain to me how to work with this.
January 24th, 2011 3:11pm

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