RBA Permission to delete Unknown computer objects from console
I want to delegate permissions to delete "unknown" computer objects from SCCM console, that refers to computers that failed OSD on Win PE stage.
I provided "read only analyst" and custom role with collection\delete resource and site\read propertyes enabled.
This is enough to delete any computer object from console, except "unknown".
RBA Viever do not show that objects, so i can only guess which permission is needed or what to modify.
July 31st, 2015 2:14am

security role with option Collection\Delete Resource should help you to delete the resource(computer/User) from collection. have you tried that ?
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July 31st, 2015 2:46am


Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't the administrative use also need access to the "all systems" collections too? This might not be ideal in some environments. I think you could also create a collection targeting the "unknowns" and assign it an administrate user as long as that users has the rights you mentioned above. Thoughts?


July 31st, 2015 10:45am

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