Query for Software Updates Reports Install Date for only Some of the Installed Updates

We use the following query to retrieve a list of software updates for a specific collection and software update group.  There are many cases where the installation status of a software update is 'installed' but there is no corresponding 'install date'.  Can anyone tell me why?

declare   @AuthListLocalID as int
declare @CollID as varchar(8)
Select @CollID=CollectionID
from v_Collection
WHERE CollectionID='ZSV0000A'
select @AuthListLocalID=CI_ID from   v_AuthListInfo
where    CI_UniqueID='ScopeId_EAD5EB80-CC39-4EA2-B08F-A45BB84F1D76/AuthList_4DEAD110-5740-495E-8BD8-467A55C50A0C'
rs.Name0 as ServerName,
catinfo.CategoryInstanceName as Vendor,
catinfo2.CategoryInstanceName as   UpdateClassification,
ui.BulletinID as BulletinID,
ui.ArticleID as ArticleID,
Case ui.Severity WHEN 10 THEN 'Critical' WHEN 8 THEN 'Important' ELSE LTRIM(ui.Severity) END as Rating,
ui.Title as Title,            
Targeted=(case when ctm.ResourceID is not   null then '*' else '' end),
Installed=(case when css.Status=3 then   '*' else '' end),
IsRequired=(case when css.Status=2 then   '*' else '' end),
CAST(CASE   IsNull(AddRem.InstallDate0,CAST('1/1/1900' as smalldatetime)) WHEN   CAST('1/1/1900' as smalldatetime) THEN AddRem64.InstallDate0 ELSE   AddRem.InstallDate0 END as Date) as 'Install Date',
ui.InfoURL as InformationURL
from v_UpdateComplianceStatus css
inner join v_UpdateInfo ui on   ui.CI_ID=css.CI_ID
inner join v_CIRelation cir  on ui.CI_ID=css.CI_ID and cir.ToCIID =   ui.CI_ID -- add this
inner join v_CICategories_All catall on   catall.CI_ID=ui.CI_ID 
inner join v_CategoryInfo catinfo on   catall.CategoryInstance_UniqueID = catinfo.CategoryInstance_UniqueID and   catinfo.CategoryTypeName='Company' 
inner join v_CICategories_All catall2 on   catall2.CI_ID=ui.CI_ID 
inner join v_CategoryInfo catinfo2 on   catall2.CategoryInstance_UniqueID = catinfo2.CategoryInstance_UniqueID
and   catinfo2.CategoryTypeName='UpdateClassification'
left outer join v_CITargetedMachines ctm   on ctm.CI_ID=css.CI_ID
and ctm.ResourceID = css.ResourceID
left outer join v_GS_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS   AddRem on css.ResourceID = AddRem.ResourceID and ui.Title =   AddRem.DisplayName0
left outer join   v_GS_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS_64 AddRem64 on css.ResourceID = AddRem64.ResourceID   and ui.Title = AddRem64.DisplayName0
left outer join (select atc.CI_ID
from v_CIAssignment a
inner join v_CIAssignmentToCI atc on   atc.AssignmentID=a.AssignmentID
group by atc.CI_ID) cdl   on cdl.CI_ID=css.CI_ID
left outer join v_R_System rs ON   css.ResourceID=rs.ResourceID
where    css.ResourceID in (
Select vc.ResourceID
FROM v_FullCollectionMembership vc
WHERE vc.CollectionID=@CollID)
and cir.FromCIID=@AuthListLocalID
and cir.RelationType=1  
order by
, catinfo2.CategoryInstanceName
, ui.ArticleID
January 7th, 2014 3:20am

Hi Mate,

Its really difficult to do get the installed date of the patches as there is no table available in SCCM  DB to pull this info i had a requirement in the past but i was unable to do had done it via work around.

This can be done after the editing of sms_def.mof file or else using the power-shell script in windows server 2008 where the powershell is a feature by default.

H/W inventory: 

For the 2000 servers this has to be installed but if we enable this its mentioned it may utilize upto 100 % of the Memory during the h/w inventory you can check that in your SMS_DEF.MOF  -

QuickFixEngineering you can see the warning.uickFixEngineering


Powershell script:


the warning for the quick fix engineering is not there on 2012 but there on 2007 hope the info help you to achieve your output.

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January 7th, 2014 1:45pm

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