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In my 2007 R3 infrastructure I have a secondary site with one site system servicing only about 6 client workstations. The site system went offline recently and is unrecoverable. The 6 client workstations I have a workaround to install software on manually if they should need it until I get something else in place at that location. Depending on the time frame I may install a new site system (just a dP) as part of our 2012 environment, or install a new site & system as part of our 2007 environment.

My question is - since the site system is unreachable, what is the best way to remove it from the console/db? From reading Technet it looks like I should install all the roles first, then delete the site system (The only roles I have are DP, MP, & standard component/site system/site server). But when I delete the roles out of the console, since my primary can't talk to that site system will those uninstall commands just time out eventually?

Regarding removal of the site, since the clients there do not need SCCM services in the meantime, is it alright to just delete the site system and then delete the secondary site? Once that boundary gets deleted with the site will the sccm clients just send their mp data to my primary, even though I don't necessarily need those SCCM status messages?

December 3rd, 2014 9:41am


When you remove or reassign the boundary the clients will use the Pimary MP instead. to delete the failed secondary site from the Primary Site Servers DB you can also use preinst.exe as the server is not repsonding anymore.


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December 3rd, 2014 10:10am

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