Project GUIDs changed in Excel 2013 PowerPivot datamodel?

Hi Forum users and Project Server Guru's alike,

I have an Excel sheet that connects to the Projects OData feed. In the Excel file I have a sheet that shows a table with the raw Projects data. This includes a colum with the Project ID (or Project GUID if you prefer).

I created another sheet that uses VLookup formulas to search the table for specific data related to these projects in the table on my source data sheet. I also have a cel that has a named range field called "ProjectUID".

After creating this file I was able to upload it to Project Server 2013 (on Prem). And after that I used the Querie string webpart that filtered "ProjectUID" and a excel services webpart that connected with the queriestring to show data relative to a specfic project on a PDP.

This worked fine untill recently...

Please view the image, it shows the change in the file (luck has it I saved a 0.9 version and a 1.0 version on the server). I have no clue how the file suddenly shows { } symbols on the Project ID cells. I have no recollection of changing the data.  But I do know that they are messing up my VLookup formulas  and they will not work with the "ProjectUID" value from the Queriestring because the queriestring will produce a value without the { } symbols. 

Picture of the values that changed overnight.

Is there any way to know why the values changed? And is there a way to change them back? Or do I need to change all my formula's to incorperate { } symbols?

Kind regards,

Erik van Hurck

January 14th, 2014 3:51pm

Hi Erik,

Indeed it looks strange. I guess you already checked for any recent operation on your instance that might have triggered this behavior.

It might take more time to figure out what happened, whereas changing your formula to incorporate {} symbols will take you a couple of minutes..

Anyway it could be good to identify what happened since if it happened once, it could happen again.

An advice could be to take into account in your formula both cases : with and without {} caracters.

Hope this helps.

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January 14th, 2014 3:59pm

Hi Guillaume,

Indeed I have checked all there is to check and haven't come with a reason why it changed.

I believe I have no other choice than to edit all the formula's and change the worksheet like you said.

Thank you for the response.


January 20th, 2014 8:54am

I have the same problem. In one connection (Projects) I get the project GUID without brackets {}. In the connection for getting the tasks I get the project GUID with brackets.I use the ProjectId in a connection and for aggregating task-information in a pivottable.

So what is going wrong here and how I can workaround this?

Thanks in advance


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April 15th, 2015 3:23am

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