Problems sending Outlook appointments to a Calendar List
Hi All,I am having trouble emailing Outlook 2007 appointments to a Calendar List in Sharepoint. Some appointments show up, some don't. Sometimes an error is returned to my Inbox in Outlook, sometimes not. It seems pretty clear that a recurring appointment never is recieved by the Calendar List. I have shared my Outlook with Sharepoint and enabled email in the Calendar List. I hope this is just pilot error because my team really needs this.Any thoughts??FYI - I posted a similar question in the "General" section, then read the guideline for where to post questions and posted this question under this ADMIN section. Sorry i didn't get that right the first time.
February 3rd, 2010 10:45pm

In future post questions only to one forum.If you get it very wrong the moderators will move it.Duplicate posts waste everyones timeFAQ sites: (SP 2010); (v3) and (WSS 2.0) Complete Book Lists (incl. foreign language) on each site.
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February 7th, 2010 6:35pm

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