Problem with metadata going missing on editing an excel document and then saving it
We have an interesting problem that I'm struggling to resolve so any help would be appreciated. Some of our users are reporting a problem that when they open an excel document the metadata is there. They edit the document and then save and the metadata disappears We are running MOSS 2007 and have recently installed SP2 The problem occurs only: with users who are still using Office 2003 on excel files on Team Sites
June 12th, 2009 11:04am

Just so that we are all on the right page. Are you talking about the metadata in the SharePoint Document Library (i.e. the contents of the doc lib columns) or the metadata contained within the Excel document itself. Second question. Are these (the excel documents stored in the document library) all Excel 2003 format files ? Third question (just to be sure): They are saving back to the SharePoint site and not first saving to their hard disk and then uploading the files ?WSS FAQ sites: and Total list of WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007 Books (including foreign language)
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June 12th, 2009 1:56pm

Hi Mike,Yes, it's the document library metadata and the files are Excel 2003 format. They check the file out, open to edit, edit it and then save directly back tot eh document library.p.s. The metadata is only lost when the file gets checked in - if the user only saves it but does not check it in, the metadata remains. Also, it is only metadata for "choice" fields - text field and Person or Group metadata remains intact.
June 12th, 2009 2:11pm

Bump - I'm really strugglig with this one... does anyone have any idea how to help?
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June 22nd, 2009 10:26am

Well Tessah, you're not alone. We have the same problem (but already without SP2).What users expierence: they "Edit with Microsoft..." (e.g. Word 2003) and after editing they check-in directly in Word. After a refresh of the browser ONE column is empty (so of all metadata only one column, called DocType, is cleared).What I discovered: when opening a document (read-only), then click File > Properties, the Web File Properties window opens. In this window that same column is already empty. The rest of the MetaData is still available. Then click on File Properties... > Custom tab, the same thing: all info is there except this DocType.This column is of the type Choice and resides in the top-level site; the document is on a subsite. To make it more complicated: on other subsites this issue does not occur.Here the DocType is still there:And now it's gone:
July 14th, 2009 5:20pm

We are experiencing the same issue with meta data from choice fields seeming to not be demoted properly into excel documents. As with the above cases this began after we installed MOSS service pack 2.
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August 20th, 2009 5:46pm

Wehave exactly the same problem. How to fix that? SP2 is installed
August 20th, 2009 10:25pm

We installed june cumulative update and the problem was fixed.:)M.
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August 27th, 2009 11:21pm

We are having the same issue and it started only after installing sp2 and October CU's.
January 6th, 2010 8:55pm

Hi, Even i am facing the same problem. I have installed the June CU's and still facing the problems. Please give some suggestions if anyone faced this problems. Rayudu
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February 23rd, 2010 3:34pm

There is an issue with Office 2003 Documents but its not on the initial upload. After you have uploaded a document to SharePoint and added meta data, the next time you open an office 2003 document there is a chance that the metadata will be lost when re-saving the document back to SharePoint. This is known issue and occurs because the meta data is not properly demoted into the properties of the document. Clearing the IE Cache can resolve the issue in some cases. Office 2007 is not affected by this because it does not use this method at all. In 2007, the document information panel uses InfoPath to render metadata Reference. -IvanIvan Sanders My LinkedIn Profile, My Blog, @iasanders.
April 29th, 2010 12:48pm

Hello people. I am facing the same problem, using Word 2007 documents. My library contains some old Word 2003 files (but these are in the process of beeing converted) but this happends on Word 2007 documents. The really weir thing happends when I update the metadata using the DIP panel and then save the document back to the SharePoint lib. Then the DIB becomes "unable to load". Detailed error message: Document Information Panel cannot open the form. To fix this problem, contact your system administrator. Form template: .../proppanel.xsn Document Information Panel cannot open the selected form. There was an error while loading the XML Schema for the form. /schema/element[1][@name = 'properties']/complexType[1]/sequence[1]/element[1][@name = 'documentManagement']/complexType[1]/all[1]/element[29] Multiple names found in attribute value when only one was expected. All standard, out of the box, and no custom coding involved. After another day of throwing trics on the problem, here are some updated findings: 1) I can get the DIP to work, but properties are not transfered between Word and SharePoint. 2) I can update the properties in both SharePoint and Word, but they are not synced. I have recreated the library, created new documents and transfered old ones, and the issue does not go away. If any of you have any tips or suggestions, I would greately appreciate your reply. -Richard
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June 17th, 2010 4:38pm

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