Problem adding Sharepoint Web Share to My Network Places
I'm having a unique problem I think... I've googled this every which way I could think of but haven't seen anyone have the same problem. Here is what is happening. I have a client uses My Network Places and have created sharepoint webshare "shortcuts" in my network places. However on one particular computer instead of it creating a webshare it is creating a UNC shortcut. What I am doing is the following. 1) Open My Network Places 2) Click the Add a Network Place 3) Choose the option for "Another network location or website" 4) I enter the URL of the webserver: Http://webserver/development (copied directly from IE) 5) I confirm the name and finish. Here is the problem. Instead of the shortcut reading as Http://webserver/development it reads as \\webserver\development and has basically converted it to a UNC share. On most of the PC's it creates a folder with a globe icon and when the users go to save or attach files the format is very similar to sharepoint. When this PC attempts to open the shortcut they get your standard windows folder structure. Has anyone seen this or been able to fix it?
October 21st, 2010 10:00pm

can you post some screenshots to help me understand your issue. In my environment, i can get the site resources like opening with window explorer.
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October 26th, 2010 1:37am

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