Port Error When using ISA to publish Sharepoint
Intranet IP: IP: IP: Address: http://wss.test.comWhile, ISA(DMZ) IP ------Intranet IP , opened port 9080Internet IP &ISA(DMZ) IP, opened port 80/443For SharePoint ,we create a port 80 WebApplication for intranet users, and extend port 9080 for the 80 Web App to publish through ISA to Internet.However, it is ok when we visit the http://wss.test.com on the internet but when we click Upload Mutiple Files in a Doc Lib, it redirected to the address: http://wss.test.com:9080. This problem (port redirect to 9080) also appeared when you are dennied by SharePoint and click the 'Go Back to Site ' link , the page redirected to http://wss.test.com:9080WPF
February 20th, 2010 4:32am

Whats Alternate Access masppings do you have.When configuring alternate access mapping settings, you configure the extranet zone. A zone is another method of accessing the SharePoint site that is different from the default zone. For example, a SharePoint site named sp01 is accessed from the Internal network as HTTP://sp01. However, when accessed by a user on the Internet via ISA Server, the user accesses https://portal.contoso.comInstead of Extending to 9080, use the NetBios name internally and the FQDN on the Extended name.... This will enable AAM to return the correct infromation for the external usersIn the URL protocol, host and port field, enter the URL of requests as they will be delivered to the Office SharePoint Server computer by the Office SharePoint Server publishing rule. For example, type http://portal.contoso.com. Note that the SharePoint Publishing Wizard automatically selects port 80 for HTTP or port 443 for SSL. If you want the Web application to use a different port on the Office SharePoint Server computer for the publishing rule, you need to edit the Office SharePoint Server publishing rule in ISA Server to bridge your requests to the desired port. If you do not want to use the feature in the Office SharePoint Server publishing rule to forward the original host header, you need to enter an alternative name here that will resolve to your Office SharePoint Server computer.Referencehttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc268368.aspxCheers,-IvanIvan Sanders My LinkedIn Profile, My Blog, @iasanders.
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February 23rd, 2010 5:36am

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